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Child tortured by stepmother dies at DMCH

A two-and-a-half-year-old girl died Sunday at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital after fighting for her life for a month following alleged abuse by her stepmother in Gazipur. Marium Akter was the daughter of Mostafa Kamal, a Dubai-based lawyer. She had been receiving treatment at DMCH over the past month. According to Mohammad Ali Jinnah (sub-inspector at Sreepur Police Station), she died on Sunday around 6:30pm. Afaz Uddin, Mostafa Kamal’s father, filed a case against Alifa Akter RIPA, his daughter-in law, on August 14. He claimed that she had abused the child in order to pressure her husband to give her ownership of a multi-storey building Mostafa built in Sreepur. Mostafa, who has lived in Dubai for 13 years, had been married to Marium's mother Sabina Yasmin 8 years ago, according to family members. Mostafa met Ripa in Dubai and they got married. Marium was just four months old when he divorced his first wife, according to the family. Mostafa, upon his return to